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How To Register Bitcoin VIP For Beginners – In recent years Bitcoin has become the topic of internet users. Apparently there are still many people who do not know about Bitcoin, especially Indonesian citizens. Bitcoin is a virtual currency developed by Satoshi Nakamoto since 2009 ago. How to use Bitcoin is not much different from the usual currency we use in everyday life, such as dollars, dollars, yen, ringgit and so forth. If you have ever used eGold, it may feel the same with Bitcoin, but it is very different from Foreign Exchange (forex).

Do you know? It turns out that Bitcoin has potential as a currency in the future. If you would like to learn more, please follow the steps to create a Bitcoin VIP account below. But before that you must have a Wallet Bitcoin and can directly make it on in the site you can exchange Bitcoin to rupiah until Trading Bitcoin.

  1. Visit the website / and can go directly to the creation of a new account at
  2.  Select Account Register
  3.  Fill out the form with the correct data, click on the registration
  4. Verify your account. Open the e-mail you use to register
  5. Activation account, will be asked to Sign-In
  6. Enter the appropriate registered e-mail address and password
  7. Verify your phone number, make sure the number in use is still active
  8. Wait a minute, verification of VIP Bitcoin will be sent via sms
  9. Enter Pin to the available field and submit.

If you have followed all the above stages, then now you already have a Bitcoin Wallet. But you can not use it optimally, because you have to accept Bitcoin chip first. If you want to do other activities such as transactions and send to another Wallet Bitcoin, then you must verify the account once again. Here are the steps to verify the second Bitcoin account, after this verification you can use it optimally.

  1. Open your account dashboard, select verification
  2. Fill out the complete data correctly
  3. Fill out the verification form along with the scanned ID, driver’s license or passport and a photo of yourself carrying the written application for verification.
  4. The data containing the identity and photos are inserted into the verification form
  5. Wait for the VIP Bitcoin notification to be sent to your e-mail. Usually sent 1 to 12 hours after you meet the terms and conditions.
  6. After completion of the second successful verification stage, then the Bicoin wallet that you created in VIP Bitcoin Indonesian has been equipped with complete features.