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The 12 Best Battery Packs ? – We’re more dependent on our portable devices than ever, but we always rely on the batteries that power them. To avoid running completely dry, it’s best to carry a portable battery pack.

But picking the wrong battery pack can still leave you stranded. These are 12 options to consider that fit a range of different demands, from ultra-portable units that’ll provide a quick top-up for your phone to more rugged and outdoor-friendly power banks that will keep your devices going for days.

1Mophie Powerstation Plus XL



Mophie is a longstanding favorite when it comes to portable battery packs and, while they tend to demand a bit of a premium, you get your money’s worth. That’s certainly the case with the company’s Powerstation Plus XL, which PC World found to be the most efficient battery pack they’ve tested. It also packs a convenient built-in charging cable with both Lighting and micro USB adapters, along with a secondary USB port for charging other devices.

2Anker PowerCore Jump Starter mini



A portable battery pack is a great item to keep in your car at all times, but an even better option is a battery pack that can also double as a jump starter for your car. Anker’s PowerCore Jump Starter mini won’t take up much room in your glove box, and will jump start any vehicle with an engine up to 2.8L. Two fast-charging USB ports will also keep your mobile devices charged while you’re on the road, and a built-in flashlight and rugged enclosure make it ideal for emergency situations.

3Jackery PowerBar


Newer laptops with USB-C power may be more battery pack-friendly when it comes to charging on the go, but you’re not out of luck if your laptop still needs a regular AC outlet to stay powered. Jackery’s PowerBar is a favorite of The Wirecutter, and should provide a full or close-to-full charge for most laptops. That AC outlet also doesn’t necessarily have to be used for a laptop, of course, and a USB-C port and two standard USB ports (one with Quick Charge 3.0 support) will let you keep your other devices charged as well.